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About Rexxon Green Fuels

REXXON GREEN FUELS was established to combine the synergies between a long established participant in the large-scale Industrial Sector (Cape Boiler & Heater Company), with an existing large Petroleum Product supplier and Logistics Company (Rexxon Trading), in order to bring about an environmentally friendly change to the current market, in order to better cater to client needs.

Given the background and specialist knowledge of the large Industrial Sector, Cape Boiler & Heater Company provides strategic information and installations regarding the needs and requirements of the large Industrial Sector, and Rexxon Trading having vast experience in dealing with Strategic petroleum Product Supply requirements, in order to bring about a valuably needed change that will assist the sector in obtaining optimum performance and productivity.

REXXON GREEN FUELS is also dedicated to assist the surrounding communities through its Socio-Economic Development strategies and plans, thereby integrating them all in the greater scheme of things, and assisting us to play our part in society by giving back what is needed in order to uplift the overall economy in the Western Cape and environs.