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Rexxon Green Fuels ... Fuelling a Greener Future!

REXXON GREEN FUELS provides quality, ultra-low Sulphur, environmentally friendly Refined Petroleum Products to the Automotive and Industrial Sectors nationally, through allocations held with all of the Oil Majors (Sasol, BP, Engen, Total, and Chevron), as well as large resellers in South Africa.

REXXON GREEN FUELS participates on a Wholesale level in the Petroleum Industry, by concentrating its efforts in being able to provide both a supply as well as a delivery service to its clients in the Western Cape and other Provinces, and we have a highly skilled and experienced staff compliment that can take care of all our client needs on a 24 hour basis.

REXXON GREEN FUELS understands that no client is too big or too small, and will assist clients in providing the necessary back up service in order to ensure that your business operates at the optimal level at all times, therefore maximizing your business productivity.

Being a provider of strategic petroleum products, REXXON GREEN FUELS also provides a full spectrum of other essential products, such as Automotive and Industrial Lubricants, Specialist additives required in large Industrial applications, and also catering for Bulk Product Supply whereby clients can benefit on reduced prices in this instance.

Our offices are strategically located in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, from where our dedicated team of professionals are able to assist you with all your requirements and back up service. 

We invite you to contact us today for your Green Fuel Product requirements.